Love been asked to review great products that are so great in our home and so ome in handy.I was asked to review a bluetooth 4.0 key finder and believe me this is something we need in this house as we are always losing the car keys in our house especially when we really need to be going somewhere in a hurry.This is  a great piece of stuff quite small but it clips onto keys.This is  bluetooth so compatible for many devices from i phone 5 upwards,ipad3 and later and android devices with bluetooth smart there is a full list on

If keys are lost and you have this bluetoothed to your device it will instantly locate your lost keys this truly is a great device and would recommend this to anyone.there is a link below so if you would like to know more or even purchase this please click the link.




Im reviewing for a lovely lady diana and she has kindly sent me 2 codes for 2 great items for you if you could us these.we have a 

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 USB Wall Charger Dual Port 36W for Samsung Galaxy, LG, Nexus, iPhone and More; Including a 3.3ft Micro USB Cable (Black) currently rrp is 12.99 but i have  code for you worth 5pounds off and the code is EE7IG7BY

here is the link for this fab product


The next is for a

AUKEY USB Wall Charger 30W / 6A 3 Ports Adapter with AiPower Tech for iPhone, iPad, HTC, LG and Other USB Powered Mobile Devices (Black) rrp is 9.99 but i also have a 3 pounds off discount which is KTWTJRQJ here is the link to this too


come check these great offers out


I was asked to do a review from a company called beets blu for a smart cardio heart rate monitor.its spec is as below 

  • Beets BLU heart rate sensor with chest strap delivers the most accurate heart rate readings thanks to ECG-based technology and Bluetooth Smart (4.0) or ANT+ protocol.
  • Our monitor works with all popular fitness apps like Runtastic PRO, Runkeeper, My Fitness Pal, Endomondo, Map My Run, Map My Fitness, Strava, etc.
  • Easily connects to iOS (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 5SE) and modern Android devices.
  • Wearable monitor is great for running, cycling, cross fit, spinning, and many other fitness activities.
  • My son uses this a lot,he downloaded the app on his i phone and when he goes to the gym he keeps  an eye on his heart rate and it shows an upto date account of how he is doing and doesnt go over board on his work out.

  • I have put a link below for you to check this out on amazon



Was asked to do a review for a food mixer from kenwood this week and as a family of 6 we jumped at the chance as we bake all the time and the mixer we currently have is a very small processor so when we needed to bake we had to do small amounts which takes so much more time.

It arrived in the biggest box infact the courier had to bring it up on a trolley.I wasnt prepared for what i was getting as i was just expecting a food mixer ,well i was so wrong.

What arrived was a food mixer but also a blender,and a food processor for the top and loads of extra tools,like blades and 4 tools for the mixer.

The blades are for lots of things to dice veg,fruit etc into different sizes.the were also 4 tools for the mixer for dough,whisking,mixing and hard beating.The bowl itself is a sturdy glass bowl it is a 4.6 litre so its a good size and has all the sides marked for weights,measures etc.The blender also is glass and this weighs a lot so will be very durable when using it.

The thing i like the best about this is it has a 1400 watt motor and by gosh its so fast.We have only needed to use it upto number 2 as the speed is amazing.We bake our own bread and make so many cakes etc that this machine is just so perfect for us.

With kenwood it also comes with a 5 year guarantee so if anything ever went wrong it would be fixed and with kenwood to be honest i doubt anything will go wrong as these are built to last.

Find below my link for my review as well and also a link to buy the product,you wont be dissapointed


  • Was super happy to be asked to review this fab game for my kids and as we are a family of 6 having a game like this to use either indoors or outdoors is so much fun for all
  • it arrived very well packed and the kids were very eager to play with it very quickly,however we have not had a great summer and rain is the only thing we have had at the moment so we have had to play this game indoors for the moment but once we have nice weather we can enjoy this great game.
  • it comes in pieces so has to be assembled by you and is so easy to put together as well.
  • once up and running my youngest daughter played with it for a very long time and many of her friends have also enjoyed so much fun as well playing this fun game.
  • i have put a link below if you would like to chose this from amazon
  • My family have had so much fun reviewing this great game so if you have young children at home get this fab game ordered and have lots of fun like we have



So super chuffed to be asked to review this amazing beast of a small appliance.

I was asked to review this fab slow juicer from panasonic its a slow juicer in rose gold and getting it out of the box was a task in itself.

Its so heavy and has lots of things to put together to make the juice and to make frozen drinks like sorbets etc.

It is extremely quiet for what it does and effortlessly makes amazing juices to drink.

We have looked up amazing juice recipes for well being and great antioxidant drinks too and we have made some fab drinks for the kids as well

The juicer is easy to put together and comes with a huge booklet but dont worry the first 3 pages are all you need the rest is other languages

The juicer effortlessly grinds up any fruit and spills out all the great juice and then leaves the pulp in another spout for you to dispose of but it crushes it up so much it only looks like it has had a small amount from it and makes amazing drinks.

Check out the link below for this amazing product and if you ever want to purchase one in the future they are so very recommended



  • Absolutely thrilled to be asked to review this lovely tanning lotion and tanning mitt from the company art naturals.
  • I was sent a 8oz bottle of tanning lotion with a tanning mitt to help apply to skin more evenly and by gosh this was fun.
  • Its a great lotion to use and smells so lovely of jojoba oils which also help moisturise the skin as well.the instructions are easy to use with the mitt and it states the easiest way to use the tanning ,lotion to avoid streaks and lines and dark parts near knuckles .ankles and in between fingers.
  • It spreads so well hardly even needing to use a lot as a little goes a long way.the results are to leave for 10 minutes  before dressing and between  3-4 hours for the tan to develop and it leaves a very nice golden glow.very highly recommended.
  • I have left a link here for you if you would like to purchase this lovely lotion to get yourself holiday ready

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